Why go solar? The Benefits of Solar Energy: Connecting the Dots

Millions of Americans have decided to use solar energy to power their homes, significantly as the cost has dropped. But an investment in solar produces more than just clean electricity. It can help households save money, increase energy independence, improve grid resilience and security, and make the planet safer. The Connect, the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office, launched the Dots campaign. It aims to highlight the many benefits of solar power and provide a range of ways that people can contribute to the clean energy transition.

The equitable transition to a decarbonized electric system by 2035 will require solar technology to play a significant role. As director of SETO, I can witness firsthand the impact solar energy has on our nation. And how we can do more. The Community Power Accelerator, which works to increase access to solar energy for those excluded from the industry, has invested $10,000,000 in a prize competition to boost community solar in underrepresented areas. Agrivoltaics is a combination of solar and agriculture colocation. This allows farms and businesses to increase their solar energy production and diversify their income streams. Our SolSmart program works with hundreds of communities to make it possible for more people and businesses to go solar.

We want Americans to understand how our work benefits them, their communities, the country, and the world. SETO will highlight the many benefits of solar energy and how SETO can help to increase those benefits throughout 2023. SETO will tell the story of how our work helps grow and enhance solar energy’s many benefits for consumers, businesses, communities, and the country.

These are the benefits that this campaign focuses upon:

  • Savings for the household
  • Expanding economic opportunities
  • Recovering from and maintaining power during extreme weather events and disruptions like cyber attacks
  • Energy production: Own it
  • Helping the environment

It is a challenging decision to go solar. We are attempting to provide a comprehensive overview of solar energy and the long-term benefits of investing in it. Join us for a year-long journey to help you better understand and reap the many benefits of solar energy.

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