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Green lights on fishing nets could slash bycatch of sea turtles, says research

Sea turtles are magnificent marine creatures that roam the oceans, playing crucial roles in maintaining marine ecosystems. However, they face numerous threats, including habitat destruction, pollution, and perhaps most prominently, bycatch in fishing operations. Bycatch, the unintended capture of non-target species, presents a significant challenge to the conservation of sea turtles worldwide. In recent years, […]

What do Iranians want? Better salaries, more jobs and safe working conditions

Iran, a nation rich in history and culture, has been navigating through various socio-economic challenges in recent years. Amidst these challenges, Iranians share common aspirations for better salaries, increased job opportunities, and safe working conditions. This essay delves into these aspirations, exploring their significance, underlying factors, and potential pathways towards fulfillment. Economic Stability: The Pursuit […]

To conserve forests, we need to think beyond current ideas of integration or segregation

Forests, the lungs of our planet, play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance, mitigating climate change, and supporting biodiversity. However, rampant deforestation, driven by various factors including agriculture, urbanization, and resource extraction, poses a grave threat to these vital ecosystems. Traditional approaches to conservation often revolve around integration or segregation—either incorporating human activities into […]

Children living in green neighbourhoods are less likely to develop asthma

Childhood asthma remains a significant public health concern worldwide, affecting millions of children and their families. With its multifactorial nature, asthma’s prevalence continues to rise, necessitating a deeper understanding of its environmental determinants. Recent research suggests a promising correlation between residential environment and asthma prevalence, particularly highlighting the beneficial effects of green neighborhoods. This essay […]

To get the ‘good debt’ tick, infrastructure needs to be fit for the future

In the realm of economic development and sustainable progress, the concept of ‘good debt’ holds paramount significance. While debt traditionally carries a negative connotation, certain forms of indebtedness can propel societies forward, particularly when invested in infrastructure. However, the notion of ‘good debt’ extends beyond mere expenditure; it demands that infrastructure investments be future-oriented and […]

Should solar panel payments be taxed

In recent years, the adoption of solar panels has surged as individuals and businesses seek to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace renewable energy sources. Alongside this surge, questions regarding the taxation of solar panel payments have emerged. Should these payments be taxed? This question touches upon various economic, environmental, and social considerations, sparking debates […]

The Indonesians facing eviction over a China-backed plan to turn their island into a solar panel ‘ecocity

In the serene waters of the Indonesian archipelago lies the island of Tinjil, home to a small community whose way of life is now threatened by a colossal development project. This project, backed by Chinese investors, aims to transform Tinjil into a sprawling solar panel ‘ecocity.’ However, amidst the promises of renewable energy and economic […]

A green roof or rooftop solar? You can combine them in a biosolar roof, boosting both biodiversity and power output

In the face of climate change and urbanization, the need for sustainable solutions in building design has become paramount. Two popular approaches for enhancing sustainability in urban environments are green roofs and rooftop solar panels. While each offers distinct benefits, they also present challenges. However, by combining these approaches into a biosolar roof, we can […]

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