How much are solar panels in Cairns

Cairns is a city located in Queensland’s Cairns Region. The city has the fifth-highest population in Queensland. Cairns has a tropical climate—Cairns experiences hot, humid summers with warm winters. Cairns has an average of 5.5 daily hours of sunshine. This makes it one of Australia’s most sun-filled cities.

What is the budget for a solar panel system in Cairns for your home?

Standard installation of a 6.6kW system in Cairns can cost anywhere from $4200 to $5500. The structure of a one-story house with a metal roof is considered normal. The price of a 6.6kW system may vary if installed on a multi-story building, a double-story home, or a house with dramatic tiles. The cost of a 6.6kW system will vary depending on whether it is installed on a double or multi-story house or if the roof has tiles.

Like most North Queensland and Far North Queensland, Cairns is susceptible to tropical cyclones. We ensure that the mountings we use for solar systems in this region are of high quality.

How much solar energy can you use during the sunniest hours?

This question is essential because purchasing a solar power system in Cairns for your home is to reduce your rising electricity costs. You will save the most money if you use all of the solar energy generated by your system. You can still benefit from a feed-in tariff if you don’t consume all the solar power generated. The excess is sent back to the grid, and an adjustment on your electricity bill compensates you. The feed-in rate for solar panels in Cairns, Australia, is approximately 8 cents per kW. Using the maximum amount of solar power is prudent rather than relying solely on the lower rate to maximize your electricity savings.

Want to use your solar panels at night in Cairns for your home?

Knowing your usage patterns during and after the sunshine hours is essential if you plan to purchase a solar system for your Cairns home. You can then decide on the size of solar panels that are best for your Cairns home and whether or not you want a battery backup system. Choosing a traditional solar panel system for your Cairns home is better if your energy consumption is higher during daylight hours than after-hours. It is better to select a battery-backed solar panel system if you are looking to maximize your savings.

Do you want the best return on investment for your Cairns solar panel system?

Consider all of the options above if you want to get a return on investment for your solar panel system in Cairns. The return on investment for a conventional Cairns 6.6 kW system can be anywhere from 3-4 years. The payback period for your 6.6kW solar power system depends on how much you use solar power in the sunshine hours. Payback time is reduced the more solar energy you use.

The payback period for a battery-backed solar power system can be anywhere from 8 to 10 years, as it is more expensive than a conventional one.

Solar panel systems in Cairns are an excellent investment for homes and businesses due to their locational advantage. Our solar experts can help you choose the right solar panel system for your needs and budget in Cairns. Due to increased electrical appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, etc., 6 kW solar power systems are widely accepted.

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