How can solar irrigation benefit your agriculture industry?

What is solar irrigation?

The agricultural industry has been greatly aided by solar irrigation. When farming is done on a large scale, it can be expensive and consumes a lot of electricity. Solar-powered irrigation can be used to reduce overhead costs. Solar-powered irrigation is primarily a system that uses a solar water pumping device to water plants and vegetables.

This blog will discuss the benefits of solar-powered irrigation in your farming operation. Genus Innovation is the best solar charger for commercial and household needs.

What are the benefits of solar irrigation?

Globally, the concept of a solar-powered irrigation system is gaining momentum. It is part of the strategy to promote an environmentally friendly and reusable energy source. If you have not yet incorporated solar power into your irrigation industry needs, then now is the right time. Here are some reasons to choose solar irrigation on your farm.

1. It increases grid security. Solar energy is more secure than regular electricity. The blackouts experienced by networks with power plants spread out generally decrease. Solar energy is a great tool for protecting the grid during a natural disaster. To be safe, you must only purchase the best products for your industry. Genus’s solar inverter is the ideal choice for industrial applications.

2. Maintenance costs are reduced

The cost of solar energy is lower than that of electricity and fossil fuels. Fuel prices are also constantly changing. Solar energy is generally more affordable than other energy sources, especially for small-scale farmers. Solar power, the cheapest and most reliable option for irrigation in rural areas without electricity, is also the best and most cost-effective. It is also long-lasting. This reduces farmers’ dependence upon expensive energy sources to power their water distribution systems. This solar irrigation system is available to countries without oil reserves.

3. A perfect alternative to electricity:

Farmers who depend on electricity for the farm will find it very frustrating when there is an unexpected power outage. Generators can be quite expensive to run and maintain, as solar energy is. It is, therefore, the best and most efficient alternative to electricity. It runs on an unlimited free source of energy (i.e., The system works on sunlight and is very simple to operate. Genus Innovation offers the highest quality solar charger to meet your industrial needs.

4. Solar energy is environmentally friendly:

Solar energy irrigation ensures that corps are well-watered each day. Solar energy is not like other energy sources such as coal or biogas. This reduces the harmful effects on the environment and the ozone layer. Solar irrigation is the most eco-friendly form of energy. It does not produce excessive noise like power generators. This efficient system doesn’t require much water to run. This allows more water to be saved and used for farming and crops.

5. Multipurpose application

The irrigation system can use solar energy for multiple purposes. It can also be used to power running mills, water filtration plants, cold storage units and other purposes. The farmers can also sell excess power to the power company by connecting it to the electricity grid.

6. Self-regulating irrigation system

Advanced technology in solar-powered irrigation systems makes them very self-regulating. The system can adjust for crop water requirements, environmental settings and water availability. You can bring home a Genus solar inverter to get reliable and efficient energy.

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