What is Commercial Solar Power (Solar Power)

Did you have an understanding of that area? You will receive a more personal service and be able to participate more in the design of your solar system.

You may find that you are lucky to come across a company that can do all of these things. Simply Solar is a company with a great reputation, a brand name, and the local knowledge and customer service to meet your needs.


You must measure your electricity consumption and generation regularly to get the best out of your solar panels. You will not know how much your electricity bills are and how you can keep them low without this. This is something you should assign to a single person within your company.

When your panels are installed, you will receive an outline for maintenance. The installer can either do the work with the guide, or you can assign it to a third party. In general, an inspection will be performed once every six months during the first two-year period after installation.

Questions To Ask A Potential Installer

Finding the best installer of solar panels is all about reputation and experience. It would be best if you asked how many solar systems the installer has installed. But more importantly, how many of them are located in your locality? You can get a better idea of their commercial experience by asking this question.

You can check if they’ve worked on similar systems. You can visit the companies or speak to the owners to find out what they think.

Local companies are more likely to have the experience needed when it comes to obtaining permits in their locality. The locals may have a simplified process to get tickets faster and easier.

Check that they are insured, licensed, and bonded. Accidents can happen, and you do not want to be left out. Discuss the warranty included with the installation.

Installing Commercial Solar

Do your research and find a reputable company to install the system. Calculate the savings and decide if this is a good investment for your business. When evaluating the purchase, consider the brand boost as well as financial statements.

Simply Solar California should be your first stop. For all your solar needs, we have both commercial and residential options. Contact Us for a free quote and to make solar work for your business.

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