Solar Panel System Installation in Cairns

Solar energy is necessary today due to the rising cost of traditional energy sources and their limited availability. Their effect on the planet causes global warming and greenhouse gas effects. Solar energy’s cost-effectiveness is the main reason for choosing it. It can reduce your energy bills to a significant extent, resulting in a high return on investment.

The Australian federal government’s solar incentive program is a great way to reduce your solar costs. Many state governments announce solar rebates in addition to the federal refund from time to time. Solar panel installation has become more profitable.

The cost of installing solar panel systems is increasing yearly as the federal rebates are reduced in stages annually. We can still see the decrease in the installation cost of solar panel systems mainly because of intense competition and advanced manufacturing technology of solar panels and inverters.

As an important city, Cairns gets the latest technology in solar panels and converters at very affordable prices. Solar panels manufactured by Tier 1 are the most cost-effective and productive solar panels for Cairns. This system is more efficient and offers a good return on investment. Some inverters have higher efficiency ratings and more extended warranties, which will increase the efficiency of your system.

STCs are valued between $450 and $500 per kilowatt for solar panels installed in Cairns. The number of STCs for a Cairns 6.6kW system is 91. STC price fluctuates between $34 and $40. Assuming a $38 STC price, you will receive a total rebate of about $3500 in 2021 for a 6kw solar system installed in your home. The solar system cost for Cairns is reduced to this degree. The cost of solar panel systems in Cairns rises every year as the rebates gradually diminish in Cairns. For this reason, now is the time to purchase a system as it will reduce your electricity costs immediately.

Solar panel system installation cost in Cairns

We have seen that solar panel systems in Cairns are increasing in price every year as the Federal Government’s solar rebate is gradually fading away. The cost of solar panels, inverters, and panels is decreasing due to the advancement of technology. This causes the price of solar panel systems in Cairns to rise.

Installing a 5kw system in Cairns will cost between $3700 and $5,000. Standard metro installation is the installation of a one-story house with a metal roof. The cost of installing a 5kW solar panel system in Cairns varies depending on whether the house is a multi-story or double-story home with tile or dramatic roofing. The cost of installing a 5kw solar system in Cairns can also be affected by the brand or type of inverter. 6.6kw Solar Panel System Installation Cost in Cairns is between $4200 and $5500 for a standard install. 10kw Solar Panel System Installation cost in Cairns can range from $7500 to $9000.

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