Renewable Energy Founder Forum Returns with a Roaring Success

“A talent to follow the ways of yesterday will not suffice to improve the world today.” – King Wuling, 307 BC.

To solve the climate change challenge, you need bold ideas and to imagine an entirely different future from the one we live in today.

Startups are leading the charge in bringing bold new ideas to life.

Last month, some of Australia’s most innovative cleantech startups gathered at Sydney’s Beta Bar to participate in ARENA’s Renewable Energy Founder Forum.

What is the Renewable Energy Fonder Forum (REF)?

Now in its third year, the event sees startups pitch to Innovation Bay’s network of renewable energy investors and founders.

Four startups were selected from over 40 applicants to present on the evening.

These four companies worked with ARENA Innovation Bay to develop strong pitches that they presented at the Founder Forum.

The evening began with Nicole Kuepper Russell of 5B telling participants about their experience presenting to the previous Founder Forum and how the event led directly to new investment.

Later, a panel discussion with renewable energy and finance experts was held. This included Renate Egan from The Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics and Macquarie’s Kate Vidgen.

Cleantech affects every part of the economy,” Kristin Vaughan, managing director with Virescent Ventures.

She said, “It’s difficult to imagine any other industry or mega-trend that will create such growth opportunities in the coming decades.”

What founders were present at the forum?

The event was heard from Janus Electric, which is developing a battery system that can be switched to power long-haul road transport.

The award was given to Infravision for their innovative approach to hanging transmission lines using drones.

“Previous award-winners have achieved great things,” stated ARENA CEO Darren Miller. “I have high expectations for Infravision.”

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