8 Reasons to Go Solar if You Care About the Planet and Your Wallet

As with many other developed countries, India is turning to clean, green solar energy as it benefits the environment and improves its financial position. Thanks to the many manufacturers and dealers available, it is now easier than ever to install solar panels in your home, office, or factory. Solar systems are also very cost-effective. A recent report found that a rooftop solar system of 1kW would cost Rs. 22,000 in Punjab.

Do you still need to figure out how solar energy can help the environment or your pocketbook? 

Zero Pollution Created

Due to the extensive use of fossil fuels to generate electricity, India’s outdoor air quality is already in danger. Excessive production of methane, carbon dioxide, and other gases can cause respiratory problems, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Solar energy and the environment go hand-in-hand, however. The sun’s energy is not polluting, which is good news for future generations.

Minimum Water Wasted

Without water, life will end. India needs more fresh water. This is because electricity production is not a traditional process. It needs lots of water to cool generators, transport fuel via pipes, and operation and refine power. Solar panels use photovoltaic cells, which don’t require water to generate electricity.

Self-Sufficiency increases

Going solar can reduce dependence on the grid and increase your self-reliance regarding your power needs. You can also return excess electricity to the grid and get paid for it!

Carbon Footprint Reductions

This is another way solar energy can impact the environment that you should pay attention to. Solar energy is 100% renewable and clean, so it helps to reduce carbon footprint. How? How? Because solar panels don’t require water to generate electricity and don’t emit harmful gases when they operate.

Fossil Fuel Usage Drops

Fossil fuels will eventually run out of energy because they are not renewable. However, the sun will continue to shine for billions of years and produce energy. Any commercial or residential establishment can use this energy with enough sunlight and a suitable space to mount solar panels. It will reduce dependence on finite energy sources and lower energy prices.

Flexibility Increases

Solar installations can be used even in remote areas of India. Many types of solar power systems can be installed anywhere there is sunlight. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Installing solar panels in remote areas will save you money than installing electrical distribution lines.

Greenhouse Effect Declines

Traditional electricity production is based on fossil fuels. During this process, harmful gases like methane or carbon dioxide are released. These gases cause pollution and increase the greenhouse effect by increasing the earth’s temperature. Climate change is responsible for melting the ice caps and making our environment unsuitable for wellness. Solar energy is an excellent alternative to fossil fuels and can reduce the greenhouse effect.

Save More Money

Solar panel prices in India have fallen recently, making it more affordable for consumers and businesses to use this renewable energy source. Punjab is leading this trend, but other states could follow it.

To understand how you can save money with solar energy, you should know that a rooftop installation of

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